PONTYCLUN, WALES - OCTOBER 27: Production begins on the London 2012 victory medals at the Royal Mint on October 27, 2011 in Pontyclun, Wales. A total of 4700 medals will be made, split between the Olympics and Paralympics. Each medal, 85mm in diameter are the heaviest summer Olympic medals made and production will be completed by Spring 2012 (Photo by Michael Steele/Getty Images)

2012 Olympic Medal Count: U.S. Opens Up Double-Digit Lead On China

The 2012 Olympic medal count battle rages on, with China holding a narrow lead over the United States.

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2012 London Olympics Medal Count: USA Finishes With 104 Medals

After adding to its total on Sunday, the United States completes the 2012 London Olympics with 104 total medals, easily the highest figure of any nation this year. Team USA added two more gold medals to its total on Sunday, one in men's basketball and one in men's wrestling, giving the team its highest gold medal total in a non-boycotted Olympics since 1904.

China finishes second in total medal count with 87 medals, an impressive performance in its own right. Those medals qualify as China's best performance in an Olympics on non-Chinese soil, although the Russians closed in at the end to finish with 83 total medals in London.

Here is the top 5 at the conclusion of the London Olympics:

  1. United States, 104 (46 gold, 29 silver, 29 bronze)
  2. China, 87 (38, 27, 22)
  3. Russia, 82 (24, 25, 33)
  4. Great Britain, 65 (29, 17, 19)
  5. Germany, 44 (11, 19, 14)

Below is SB Nation Studios' latest 8-bit recap of the medal count. Sports Illustrated's medal tracker has the complete tally for every nation in the 2012 Summer Olympics.

For updates, stay tuned to SB Nation St. Louis. For comprehensive coverage of the 2012 London Games, visit SB Nation's Olympics news hub. Stay up to date on the medal count with Sports Illustrated's tracker.


London Olympics 2012: Basketball's Final Pits Team USA Against Spain Live On NBC

The 2012 London Olympics have been beaten up (a little too much) for their occasionally tape-delay nature by a Twitter population that loves being angry, but as they wind down you can rest assured that the 2012 London Olympics men's basketball final is airing live on the NBC schedule—no weird BBC streaming proxy necessary. You'll have to miss the men's water polo bronze medal match, and at least part of the men's handball final, but I'd imagine you'll be able to manage that to watch LeBron James in hope that he dunks over some people.

Spain, of course, is no pushover—this could be Team USA's toughest challenge yet. Marc and Pau Gasol headline team Spain, but they've also got Serge Ibaka and Jose Calderon, along with a number of Euroball stars, among them Juan Carlos Navarro.

For more information on Team USA's comings and goings and the last day of the Olympics, check out the national's storystream, featuring live updates all through the game. And angry updates, you can bet, if Team USA isn't able to put the Spaniards away.


2012 Olympic Medal Count: USA Widens Lead Over China Heading Into Saturday's Events

Team USA expanded what was already its widest lead of the London Olympics Friday, adding four medals to China's one and pushing its lead in both the 2012 Olympic medal count and its gold medal variant—to 13 and four, respectively. America leads the way with 94 medals overall and 41 golds, leaving China firmly in second place with 81 (37/25/19.) Erstwhile communist rival Russia seems to have solidified its tenuous claim on third place, with a 63 (15/21/27) that nevertheless looks a little less impressive than host nation Great Britain's 57 (25/15/17.)

Germany, who looks to move up Saturday and Sunday now that it's announced its plans to withhold all Eurozone aid until it can beat Great Britain, is far back of the pack in fifth place with 42 (10/18/14.) (In case you're wondering, Greece has two bronzes, which, melted down, would apparently only add $6 to the treasury.)

For an up-to-date look at the medal counts for every country in the running at the 2012 London Olympics, or in case you decide to make a Greece joke in the middle of your blog post and have to look it up, I recommend first-hand SI.com's Olympic medal tracker. For a more chiptune-filled look at the same numbers, check out this video from SB Nation Studios:


2012 Olympic Medal Count: USA Tops China With Thursday's Action Soon To Begin

On the 2012 Olympic medal count front the United States begins Thursday's action with the lead for the first time in several days, thanks to a big Wednesday in track and field—including three gold medals—and two medals from women's beach volleyball, where Misty May-Treanor and Kerri Walsh-Jennings edged out their American counterparts for their third gold medal. China retains a two-gold lead, but in the overall medal count its USA 81, China 77 ahead of Thursday's action.

Russia remains in third place, though it's a strange foothold they have—they have half as many (11) gold medals as Great Britain, but have them edged out 52 (11/19/22) to 48 (22/13/13) in total medal count. Germany rounds out the top five, knocking Japan out for the first time all week.

Team USA will have to maintain its strong start in track and field to keep its lead over this strong China squad—and a gold medal in women's soccer, over Japan, certainly wouldn't hurt. For more updates, stay tuned to this storystream—you can "like" it and we'll deliver updates directly to your Facebook—and check out SI.com's medal count tracker for up-to-the-minute totals.


2012 Olympic Medal Count: China Continues To Lead US Despite Aly Raisman's Big Day

The London Olympics continue to belong to China after Day 11—they lead the United States (and everybody else) in the 2012 Olympic medal count derby with 73 (34/21/18) after the day's events in gymnastics and track and field, despite Aly Raisman's enormous day. America (USA! USA!) trails with 70 medals (30/19/21.) Meanwhile, the unified hosts (Great Britain) and Russia are locked in a weird pseudo-tie. Russia and Great Britain both have 48 medals, but the hosts have 22 gold medals to Russia's 10. (In fifth place, as always, are the Japanese, with just two gold medals, 13 silver, and 14 bronze.)

Day 12 will include the women's beach volleyball finals, in which the United States are ensured the gold and silver medal after the well-known Misty May-Treanor-Kerri Walsh Jennings duo and the less-well-known team of Jen Kessy and April Ross each won their respective semifinals; China, however, is in position to win a bronze, which could cut into the United States' overall medal gains in that event. For more 2012 Olympics coverage—and, More Importantly, more 2012 Olympic medal count coverage—stay tuned to SB Nation St. Louis.


Olympic Medal Count 2012: China Still Leads USA In London

The United States continues to trail China in the 2012 Olympic medal count through Monday in London, 64 to 63—a late surge cut things close, with track and field medals getting the United States within one. The USA is also second in gold medals, with 29 to China's 31. Russia is third, with 42 (7/17/18) which puts them narrowly ahead of the more-golden hosts, Great Britain, who have 40 (18/11/11.) Japan has fallen into a distant fifth, with 28 (2/12/14.)

Right now the United States' medal count is largely dependent on swimming, where they have 30 (16/8/6), though track (2/3/4) is starting to catch up. China is working from a broader base, as is their Olympic wont, with eight badminton and seven weightlifting medals pushing them up past the United States. The United States should consider pushing its badminton budget up—they've never won a badminton medal.

For a full look at the medal count, visit SI.com's medal tracker, which goes all the way down to the bottom of the ranks. There you'll be able to follow Uzbekistan's hard-charging competition with Estonia.


London Olympics Medal Count 2012: China Leads The Way With 64 Medals

China continues to lead all nations at the 2012 Summer Olympics with 64 (31 gold, 19 silver, 14 bronze) medals won. The United States is a close second with 63 (29 gold, 15 silver, 19 bronze). Russia, Great Britain and Japan round out the top five.

Related: London 2012 Olympics: Dawn Harper Qualifies For 100m Hurdle Semifinals

The current top 10:

1. China (64 total medals)
2. United States (63)
3. Russia (42)
4. Great Britain (40)
5. Japan (28)
6. France (26)
T7. South Korea (22)
T7. Germany (22)
T7. Australia (22)
10. Italy (17)

The U.S. medaled in three events on Monday: Jenn Suhr won gold in the women's pole vault event, Michael Tinsley took silver in the men's 400m hurdles event and Matt Emmons won bronze in the men's 50m rifle (3 pos.) event.

For updates, stay tuned to SB Nation St. Louis. For comprehensive coverage of the 2012 London Games, visit SB Nation's Olympics news hub. Stay up to date on the medal count with Sports Illustrated's tracker.

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