St. Louis Blues 2012 NHL Trade Deadline Coverage

Will the Blues be unloading any underperforming forwards? Do they really need an upgrade at defense? Or, more likely, are a few smaller moves on the horizon?

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2012 NHL Trade Deadline: Blues Make No Moves Other Than Bishop Trade

Raise your hand if you actually believed that the Blues would make a major trade today. Come on, raise them high.

Now slap yourselves in the foreheads with them. The Blues have an unstable ownership situation right now, with the sale to Tom Stillman’s ownership group incomplete. They have three key forwards out in Alex Steen, Matt D’Agostini, and Jamie Langenbrunner, that, when they return, will be like getting players from a trade without making one.

Did you honestly believe that the Blues were going to go for depth defensemen when their defense is, generally, perfectly fine. There’s no point in messing with something that works via adding small cogs that add minimal impact.

Teams shouldn’t make trades just to make trades, and GM Doug Armstrong is aware of that. This quote from Norm Sanders is exactly what you want to hear from a GM come the trade deadline:

If your team isn’t doing substantial things to improve itself, then at least it didn’t do anything major to shoot itself in the foot. With the Blues’ questionable ownership situation, this was the best that fans could hope for.

Could having some sort of ownership stability help? Of course. It could have gotten the Blues that one scoring threat that’d be so grand to have. Are the Blues doomed without it? No, and hopefully this summer they’ll be able to be stable enough to snag one.

Patience is a virtue.


2012 NHL Trade Deadline Blues Rumors: Ben Bishop Being Looked At By Senators, Per Andy Strickland

From Andy Strickland at True Hockey comes this mildly surprising report: Ben Bishop’s tires are being kicked by the Ottawa Senators.

There are a lot of teams who would love to (or who really need to) solidify their goaltending right now, such as the Tampa Bay Lightning and Columbus Blue Jackets. Some teams, like the Pittsburgh Penguins, might like to get some solidity in net at backup. Others are looking at goalies with a “just in case”/“why not?” kind of mindset. The Toronto Maple Leafs’ goaltending has slipped in recent weeks, hampering their press to return to the playoffs.

The Ottawa Senators are in the same boat as the Leafs. Both of their goalies have subpar stats. Alex Auld has a 3.28 GAA and a .883 SV% in the 13 games that he’s played for the team. Starter Craig Anderson, acquired last year from the Colorado Avalanche at the deadline for current Blues netminder Brian Elliott, has played in 56 of the club’s games and has a .913 SV% and a 2.85 GAA.

The team needs consistency in net if they want to make sure that they’re back in the playoffs come April. Anderson is currently hurt, so their AHL starter Robin Lehner has been recalled for right now. Lehner led the Binghamton Senators to the Calder Cup last season, and is a quality prospect.

Ben Bishop was the MVP of this year’s AHL All-Star game and is the top goalie in the league right now. Unless he plays 30 minutes in 1730 games this season (which probably isn’t going to happen) he will be a UFA at the close of the year.

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