Yadier Molina Contract: Cardinals Announce 5-Year Extension

Just a week after declaring negotiations over, the St. Louis Cardinals and Yadier Molina are rumored to be nearing a contract extension.

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Yadier Molina Contract: St. Louis Cardinals Surprise With Mutual Option

The intensely rumored Yadier Molina extension is now officially in the books, looking only a little different than it did when Ken Rosenthal started tweeting details earlier this week. For instance: Now, instead of being a five year, $75 million deal that starts in 2013, it's a six year, $82 million deal that starts in 2012 and subsumes his existing contract. More pressingly: there's a somewhat-unlikely mutual option now on the books, which will nab Yadier Molina an addition $15 million if he and the Cardinals agree to terms in 2018.

I'm hard-pressed to imagine a situation in which they'll do that—if Molina's worth $15 million in 2018, of course, the Cardinals have already won this deal, and I won't worry about it—but such is the dressing-up of contracts for public consumption. Out comes the easy logic of dollars and years, in comes the cruft of negotiations and feelings-soothing. The good news is that this one doesn't appear to have a buyout attached, like Jake Westbrook's equally unlikely 2012 option.


Yadier Molina's Contract Extension Seemingly Inevitable, Certainly Fascinating

Neither Yadier Molina nor the St. Louis Cardinals have commented since news broke from Ken Rosenthal and others that a five year contract worth up to $75 million was in the offing, but that’s left just enough time for people to analyze the contract as though it already exists. (Such is the news cycle.)

On Viva El Birdos we’ve attempted to discover just what’s made up the Cardinals’ seemingly outlandish offer. Based just on Molina’s offensive output and the things we’ve always been able to measure on defense, he’ll be hard pressed to provide $15 million of value on an annual basis, especially as he hits his thirties.

Which leaves the unlikely possibility that John Mozeliak is somehow being blackmailed, and the unnerving possibility that John Mozeliak and the Cardinals are dabbling in some defensive statistics to which we are not privy. I don’t know if I’m ready for a world in which the baseball teams are not only participating in sabermetrics but withholding them from the outside world, but such is life.


Yadier Molina, St. Louis Cardinals Reportedly Agree On Five Year, $60-Million-Plus Contract

The St. Louis Cardinals and Yadier Molina have agreed to a five year contract extension worth more than $60 million, according to tweeted reports from Ken Rosenthal. The deal could be worth as much as $75 million, suggesting that the Cardinals value catcher defense significantly more than anybody was expecting them to.

Molina, who suggested he’d be driving a hard bargain all spring and briefly appeared to break off negotiations, signed a five year, $21.75 million deal prior to the 2008 season; a free agent after 2012, he and the Cardinals began negotiating after the very best season of his career, one that saw him hit .305/.349/.465 with a career high 14 home runs.

One thing’s certain: If this really is the deal on which they agreed, Yadier Molina was not kidding about avoiding any whiff of a hometown discount. The Cardinals have made him one of the highest-paid catchers in the history of baseball, with only the Joe Mauers and Mike Piazzas of the world clearly ahead.


St. Louis Cardinals' Yadier Molina Contract Angst Ends With Familiar Spring Training Ultimatum

The St. Louis Cardinals' Spring Training storylines will have to do without Yadier Molina's next contract, now that he's called off negotiations in-season.

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