SEATTLE - DECEMBER 12: Quarterback Sam Bradford #8 of the St. Louis Rams walks off the field after losing 30-13 to the Seattle Seahawks at CenturyLink Field on December 12, 2011 in Seattle, Washington. (Photo by Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images)

NFL Rumors 2012: St. Louis Rams Rebuild Their Broken Team

The St. Louis Rams get ready to ride the 2012 NFL Rumor mill. Up so far: Draft moves, Jeff Fisher acolytes, and somebody, anybody to help Sam Bradford out.

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NFL Rumors 2012: Vincent Jackson Would Help, Not Save St. Louis Rams

The NFL rumor mill has spent a few years now connecting Vincent Jackson to the St. Louis Rams, but coming into the 2012 season we do have a new piece of information to bring to bear on the question of star free agent wide receivers and Sam Bradford: Brandon Lloyd.

Here's what we learned: A great wide receiver makes the offense better, but nothing—not even Sam Bradford throwing to an established star—can save an offense as hopeless as the one the Rams fielded last year. In 11 starts he caught 51 balls for 683 yards and five touchdowns, and the Rams were still completely hopeless on offense. They could have had three or four Brandon Lloyds and still managed to be just as hopeless, somehow.

Of course, we won't know for a while yet whether the new braintrust's offense is any better than the one Josh McDaniels hastily installed and dismantled with Brandon Lloyd atop the depth chart. But whatever happens with Vincent Jackson, we'll be left to wonder what's the difference.


NFL Free Agents: DeSean Jackson Would Be Coup For St. Louis Rams

The St. Louis Rams could be active in NFL free agency in 2012—if they know what's good for Sam Bradford.


NFL Rumors 2012: Well, Lee Evans Will Probably Be A Free Agent

I'm not sure the St. Louis Rams, less than a season removed from the Mike Sims-Walker debacle, are ready to bring in yet another second-tier veteran wide receiver to attempt to stabilize Sam Bradford's options downfield, but if they want somebody whose value is suddenly a lot lower than it was last week they could do worse than Lee Evans, seeing as it doesn't take an NFL rumors expert to guess that he could be on his way out with the not-entirely-satisfied Baltimore Ravens.

Evans missed most of the regular season in 2011, but he'd looked pretty good in the playoffs before that awful last-minute drop, and the 31-year-old spent several years as a solid option for a Buffalo Bills team that could never find anybody to throw the ball his way.

In any case, some team is likely to pull the trigger, and the good news for Evans if he goes to the Rams is that he's unlikely to have the weight of a Super Bowl near-miss on his shoulders in the first year of the Jeff Fisher administration...


2012 NFL Mock Draft: Feel Free To Be Terrified By Peyton Manning-Cardinals Rumors

With the Indianapolis Colts having successfully sucked for Andrew Luck in a year without the best quarterback of all time at the tiller, fans of strong teams with poor quarterback situations have quite a sideshow to watch in the 2012 NFL Mock Draft season: Who's going to be Pretty Good for Peyton Manning? So far the Kansas City Chiefs have been the favorites, perhaps because of some Joe Montana muscle memory, but, in the middle of trading the St. Louis Rams' pick to the Browns, reminds us that the Arizona Cardinals still make sense.

That sound you hear is Jeff Fisher calling the Miami Dolphins and asking just how serious they were about that whole contract thing. The Rams will have problems enough in the NFC West from the newly reinvigorated San Francisco 49ers in 2012; the 8-8 Cardinals upgrading from John Skelton and Kevin Kolb to Manning, who as recently as 2010 ran up 4700 yards passing and 33 touchdowns would put two 10 win teams in a division that just last year wasn't supposed to have any.

The Rams taking Justin Blackmon at number four and some other players with their extra picks probably won't be quite as much of an upgrade, no matter how well you think Sam Bradford's going to bounce back.

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