NEW YORK, NY - JANUARY 19: Host Jimmy Fallon speaks on stage during the unveiling of the NIKE+ FuelBand at Highline Stages on January 19, 2012 in New York City. (Photo by Neilson Barnard/Getty Images)

Nike NFL Jerseys: St. Louis Rams Uniforms Merit Minor Changes

Nike unveiled its updated NFL jerseys for all 32 teams on April, 3, 2012, to kick off their new five-year apparel license contract with the league. Check out what Nike did for the St. Louis Rams' uniforms.

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Nike NFL Uniforms: A Critical Analysis Of The St. Louis Rams' New Jerseys

The new Nike NFL uniforms are out. Here's a critical look at the St. Louis Rams' new old gear.


Nike NFL Uniforms: The Seattle Seahawks' New Duds, From A Rams' Fan's Perspective

Given how boring their own new look is, this might be the most important part of the Nike NFL uniforms announcement for St. Louis Rams fans: The Seattle Seahawks' new jerseys are here, and they're... well, they're actually pretty cool-looking; I'm not going to lie about something as important as a new set of football uniforms.

Stupid, sexy Seahawks uniforms. Reasonable people will disagree about the neon green accent color, but these are nice and striking compared to Seattle's ocean-floor color scheme in recent years. So this is it, Rams fans: This is the jersey you're going to have to scorn for the next several years, the object of all your NFC West angst. I'm sure we'll manage to figure something out, even if they are cooler looking than the Rams' bland duds.

Here's one angle to take: I bet these look really terrible in their cheaper replica form.

For more about Nike's new NFL uniforms, check out SB Nation's storystream. For the Rams' new jerseys, try our own storystream.


Nike NFL Uniforms: A Boring Announcement For Non-Seahawks Fans

For fans of the St. Louis Rams, the Nike NFL uniforms announcement has come and gone with little to be excited about, unless you're fond of new apparel technologies or slightly altered tailoring or tiny Nike logos on things. It's fine, don't get me wrong; it's just not going to blow your mind. It's not even going to engage with your mind, like the Seattle Seahawks' new jersey, which I kind of like. It looks... like an artistically lit version of the old Rams jersey:

Welp: There you go. The worst part is that this was the perfect chance for the Rams to admit they were wrong to ever move to dark blue and gold from that goofy blue and yellow color scheme that will permanently represent the Greatest Show on Turf in the minds of Rams fans desperate for some good news about their moribund franchise.

Instead we got different tailoring. Well—there's still time. Eventually the Rams will wonder about the reason for all the throwback jerseys in the EJD—sorry, Trans World Dome—crowd.

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