This is what playing Madden 13 will look like if you're a small child outdoors.

Madden 13 Ratings Rumors: Rookie List High On David DeCastro, Down On Michael Brockers

Madden 13 is one of the biggest video game releases of the year. Here's more on how things will look when you start up the next season of your virtual St. Louis Rams.

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Madden 13 Has Fake Twitter Updates, Not As Mesmerizing As Real Twitter

One of the weirdest new Madden 13 features, less impressive than the real-time physics but almost as visible, is... Twitter. Not real Twitter—I'm sure you wanted another Twitter client, but you'll have to wait—but fake Twitter, set up with pretend accounts from real people. Have you ever thought to yourself, while playing Madden, "I wish Skip Bayless could ruin this for me?"


People slightly less annoying—Rich Eisen, et al—will also be around, talking about the league your franchise is in while speculating about player movement, achievement, and rumors. It's actually a pretty cool idea, one that solves the long-term problem of being able to keep up with all the computer's teams like you would the actual rest of the NFL. If they have enough fake Tweets that we won't see Rich Eisen and Skip Bayless repeating each other in the same week, this could be a big deal. Not as big as real-time physics, but better, at least, than Skip Bayless's actual Twitter account.

More: The Madden 13 ratings rumors are bad news for fans of the St. Louis Rams' first-round draft pick.


Madden 13 Rumors: Wii U GamePad Could Offer Fascinating Functionality For Sports Games

We only cover Madden 13 rumors here—this being a sports website—but as a civilian I've been watching E3 2012 with more interest in Nintendo's unveiling of the Wii U GamePad, the strange, tablet-like controller at the heart of its next-generation console. We know Madden is coming to the Wii U, but right now anything else is speculation. So let's speculate—here are three things I'm hoping the GamePad will bring to video game football.

1. Real playbook functionality. Not just a playbook hidden from your prying-eyed peers, a vague possibility since NFL 2k brought the Dreamcast VMU into the action, but a playbook that both looks like a playbook—possible on the Wii U's big, color touchscreen—and offers the kind of play-altering functionality a stylus and a bored college student can make a reality. Imagine losing a tough game against your roommate and, after the TV's turned back to ESPN, walking over to your room with the tablet and drawing up new plays. That's what I want.

2. Real co-op gameplay. The second screen will allow for genuine independent interaction at different positions while sitting on the same couch. I don't think anybody's going to want to spend a lot of time playing offensive line—even with Madden 13's new real-time physics engine—but two first-person screens for the quarterback and his top wide receiver could really change the ambience of Madden, which is so wedded to its top-down format.

3. A good Madden game for a Nintendo console. Look, it's been a while. I'm just happy the Wii U appears powered-up enough to get a few years of the big-boy versions of sports games before the PS4 and next-generation X-Box come out.


Madden 13 Gets Real Physics In What Could Be An Enormous Upgrade

Okay, now I'm interested in Madden 13. It's always seemed strange to me that, as much as the graphics have improved in the 13 years since, the actual physical play of football games has worked more or less identically to NFL 2k for the Dreamcast, for my money the first modern football game. But if the Madden 13 physics upgrades are everything this Kotaku preview suggests they might be, then I think things might finally be changing. The first time Bruce Irvin sacks Sam Bradford during my St. Louis Rams season and I scream out to the heavens, it might at least not be a canned animation I've already seen a million times.

Real-time physics are the future of all sports games, and I'm glad to see the usually conservative EA Sports take a real risk here, in the face of a legitimate chance that their franchise game briefly becomes, before it's patched, an NBA Elite-level laughing stock. Sure, things might be rough at first, but version 1.0 has to ship eventually before you can work on version 2.0—and it's extremely important that they started now.

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