Could The Rams Actually Be Interesting in 2012?

DALLAS TX - FEBRUARY 03: NFL player Terrell Owens attends the GREY GOOSE Lounge Series at Super Bowl hosted by Terrell Owens at the GREY GOOSE Lounge on February 3 2011 in Dallas Texas. (Photo by Charley Gallay/Getty Images for GREY GOOSE)

The St. Louis Rams aren't going to sign TO to a deal. Let's hope that doesn't lead to another boring season.

Like most of you guys, I get my sports news from Gather.

A Bleacher/Report-esque site that seems to be doing Bleacher/Report-ish things in sports AND other topics. But I go mainly for the sports stories that may or may not be written by malware bots. Maybe your ‘ESPN' or your ‘' wasn't working the Terrell Owens beat this week, but Gather was. And it looks like it's down to Cleveland and St. Louis as the two destinations that TO is going to end up in 2012-13.

Getting cut by the Allen Wranglers straight to Sam Bradford's go-to target. Sounds about right.

Okay, Terrell Owens probably isn't coming to St. Louis. Besides the article being more loosely sourced than George Zimmerman's bank statements, the article doesn't touch on the fact that Mr. Owens wanted to play NFL football last season. And even though he was medically cleared, he didn't even have anyone show up at his workout for the pro teams.

Instead he ended up in publicity stunt hell, getting slammed over walls by people that have been waiting years (probably) to do just that. If I had to bet a dollar, it'd be on TO staying ‘retired.' Doesn't mean I don't want him on the Rams. Because I absolutely do.


The Rams have been very consistant in one thing the past 8 seasons: BORING. Watch paint dry boring. Ben Stein boring. Pad up on Sunday at noon, three hours later tell eveyone how you're going to make some improvements next week and that despite the score, the effort was really there.


The Rams are the football equivalent of a metronome.

But it hasn't always been like this. In fact, it was quite the opposite. Dick Vermiel led the Rams to a Super Bowl victory in 2000 and the next season, Mike Martz took over. Whatever your opinion during his five-year tenure was, at least it was an actual opinion.

Anger. Confusion. Awe. He made you feel something.

He gave me something to write about on Monday. In retrospect, it was awesome. Because the Linehan/Spagnuolo era was painfully bland. On and off the field.

Sports is entertainment. Because we're so involved it may seem more important than a movie or Draw Something. It's all the same, though. And I think that if I told you about a TV show that was 8 seasons long where nothing really happened, you wouldn't watch, right? (Put your hands down Sex and the City watchers...)

Rams don't get to play by different rules. If you're going to blow, at least make it memorable. Candidly, I never understood why Linehan or Spags didn't just go for broke the last 4 games of their tenures. They had been fired, but still stayed the course. I know both were worried about their next coordinator gigs, but still, switch it up a little. Fiddle as it burns, bro.

Terrell Owens isn't going to be the option the Rams need. His diva-ness is still at a 10, while his skills have diminished to a 5 from his peak as the go-to WR in the NFL. So they'll end up passing, just like everyone else has.

But I like the fact that the Rams are arguing about who is financially advising players. Some drama is finally brewing. Those ‘troubled' players the Rams took flyers on are starting to produce something to talk about. And hopefully this leads to some play on the field that we can look forward to as well.

No, TO isn't the anwser. But it is time for the Rams to be something other than predictable losers.

It's time for them to give us something to talk about that even Gather can cover. Something like a TO.

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