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Dave Duncan, Mark McGwire Return To St. Louis Cardinals For 2011 Season

Having fired bullpen coach Marty Mason in their first move of the offseason, the St. Louis Cardinals opted for stability over shake-ups with the rest of returning manager Tony La Russa’s staff, returning pitching coach Dave Duncan and hitting coach Mark McGwire for the 2011 season.

Duncan, who’d publicly suggested he’d like a three year deal while the La Russa negotiations were ongoing, will return on a two-year contract with an option that both parties will have to approve for 2013. McGwire, as well as base coaches Dave McKay and Jose Oquendo and bench coach Joe Pettini, have new one-year contracts.

Duncan, 65, and La Russa have coached together since 1983. McGwire, who played with the Cardinals from 1997-2001, was made hitting coach over the 2009 offseason, admitting before the season began to the steroid accusations that had dogged him as a candidate in the past. McGwire's return was uncertain—some had speculated that he would return home after his wife had triplets during the 2009 season.