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Helping The St. Louis Blues Prepare For Halloween

The St. Louis Blues can stop worrying about what to be for Halloween; we've got a costume idea for every player (and coach) with the organization.

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Halloween is right around the corner and you know what that means: Time to come up with last-minute costume ideas. It’s a time-honored tradition for many people—deciding at the last minute to go to some party and then remembering you have to wear a costume. Some people are quick on their feet. Others dress like a Charlie Brown ghost. With a game Thursday and a game on Saturday, member of the St. Louis Blues will be pressed for time to throw their own costumes together.

Since I don’t want members of the Note to be thinking about costumes while trying to get ready for big games, I’ve taken it upon myself (with a little help from my good friend Nate) to come up with Halloween costume ideas for the Blues.  (A stick tap for inspiration goes to the great Puck Daddy.)

Without further ado, here are costumes for the 2010-11 St. Louis Blues.


David Backes: Captain America. This one should be pretty obvious. Last season, Backes tried to take out Team Canada one by one. Many fans want him to be captain of the Blues, so it's really a perfect fit. 

Patrik Berglund: A European. Bergie looked like this and this and this at the NHL Draft. All the big Swede needs to do is wear his normal clothes, fix his hair just like he did back in 2006 and he's got the perfect Euro Tourist costume down.

Brad Boyes: Dick Cheney*. One time Vice President Cheney went hunting for quail and shot his friend in the face. Boyes aims for the net, but his shots often miss. It's a perfect fit.

B.J. Crombeen: Jay Cutler. Something you may not know about Crombeen is that he's a diabetic. He doesn't get nearly enough attention for this. You know who gets too much attention for being a diabetic? Jay Cutler. Wear a Bears jersey and lay on the ground all night, boom, you're Jay Cutler.

Matt D'Agostini: Dags becomes Dagwood Bumstead. It's pretty simple. A shirt, a bow tie and a big-ass sandwich.

Cam Janssen: Hulk Hogan. Entertainer who likes to remove his shirt and show his bare chest to the crowd? Yep, that's Cam.

Jay McClement: A mime*. Silent Jay, as he's known around Game Time, gets to play a silent character. It's a match made in Heaven.

Andy McDonald: A Happy Meal*. If this kid can do it, so can Andy Mac.

T.J. Oshie: Justin Bieber. A heartthrob famous for his hair? Please, Oshie nails this without even trying. It's really the perfect costume.

David Perron: A French magician. Perron is French and he's a magician with the puck. Basically, he's a normal magic man, but he's a dick. He makes baguettes appear instead of rabbits.

Vladimir Sobotka: Ivan Drago. Sobotka has one of the most Russian-sounding names ever for a dude not from Russia. Thus, he should play history's most famous Russian. Plus, Vladi is already blond.

Alexander Steen: Pinocchio. Alex Steen is a great player and very valuable, but he has a giant nose. I won't let this go.

Brad Winchester: Snooki. She's useless, he's useless.


Eric Brewer: Bender. Brewer has been known as a bit of an emotionless robot by some fans. Bender has a bit of a mean streak, so does Brew. Voila.

Carlo Colaiacovo: Bubble Boy. Carlo has been mostly healthy during his time in St. Louis, but he still has a reputation for being injury prone.

Barret Jackman: This guy. What woman could resist that?

Erik Johnson: Jerry Maguire. Dude could bring his friend Cuba Gooding Jr. around for a real good party. (Note: I'm the first jokey writer to ever not make a golf cart joke about EJ. I deserve a medal).

Alex Pietrangelo: Bill Cosby. The man has the word Jell-O in his name (kind of). He should totally be the Jell-O spokesman. However—just get the ugly sweater and avoid the blackface.

Roman Polak: A Roman Polishman. Dress like the dude from "300" (complete with awesome beard that Roman already has) and carry around a Poland flag. It's the perfect costume.

Tyson Strachan: An NHL defenseman. Roman Polak is having surgery and Strachan is going to be stepping into the top-6. Leave the candy to the other guys, Tyson, you need to work on your game.


Jaroslav Halak: Carey Price. Drink a lot, smoke a lot, and buckle under the pressure of the spotlight.

Ty Conklin: Ty Conklin. I'm sorry but a guy who dresses like this for fun doesn't need a costume.


Davis Payne: Dan Bylsma. The best friends are both NHL coaches who look like accountants. Easiest costume ever.