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Colby Rasmus Trade Rumors: Carlos Quentin A Non-Starter

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I don't even know where to begin with the latest Colby Rasmus trade rumor, which has him going to the White Sox for a package centered around oft-injured corner outfielder Carlos Quentin. Quentin is four years older than Rasmus; he was a worse hitter last season, and received some horrible marks on the PBP defensive statistics; he's an injury prone player who also derives an outsized amount of his value on offense from being hit by a lot of pitches.


He might be a great player again some year, but Colby Rasmus was a great player last year. So that the White Sox would be wiling to give Quentin up for Rasmus is a little like reporting that SB Nation would be willing to trade me straight-up for Joe Posnanski. This is the kind of trade rumor, like Ryan Howard for Albert Pujols, that requires the kind of bemused incredulity only Sir Mix-A-Lot can muster: "36-24-36? Ha, ha—only if she's five three!" Carlos Quentin? Only if he's the "center" of a package involving Gordon Beckham


Reporters from other cities seem unaware of just how good Colby Rasmus was last season. Among players who played 50% of their games at center last year, Colby Rasmus had the highest OPS+ in baseball. Only Josh Hamilton and Carlos Gonzalez spent any time at all at the position and outhit him. Colby Rasmus is a year younger than Carlos Gonzalez. 


The White Sox will need to try much harder than Carlos Quentin, even if Colby Rasmus and Tony La Russa have tied their left hands together and begun knife-fighting in an abandoned warehouse.