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St. Louis Rams Vs. Denver Broncos First Quarter: Conversion Leads To Hoomanawanui Touchdown

The St. Louis Rams’ decision to go for it on fourth and one paid off Sunday, as the St. Louis Rams’ rookie tight end, Michael Hoomanawanui, took a short pass all the way downfield for a 36-yard score, his third of the season. The Rams relied upon Steven Jackson, struggling in the early going, and it paid off, converting fourth down on the Denver Broncos’ 35 yard line.

Sam Bradford has been solid since moving to a no-huddle offense, but he’s only gotten downfield with the tight ends—Daniel Fells has a 10-yard reception, and Hoomanawanui has the 36-yard completion. Steven Jackson has seven carries for just nine yards against one of the worst run defenses in the league—clearly they prepared for him. Danny Amendola took an end-around for 13 yards but was stiffed on third down before Jackson put them over the line.

Through the first quarter, the Rams trail the Broncos 10-7, having struggled to control Kyle Orton and Knowshon Moreno.