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Danario Alexander Is Back, Converts On Third Down

After Billy Bajema dropped a pass over the first-down marker Sam Bradford went to Danario Alexander for the first time since the former Mizzou star went down with knee surgery number five. Alexander stayed on his feet after a big hit—going down on his free hand to make space—and lunged over the line for a 12-yard reception, just his sixth of the season.

Alexander caught a pass over the middle later in the drive, taking it all the way for another lunging finish, this time going down at the one-yard line. He’s already showing the talent that’s tantalized Rams fans who will be looking askance at his knee for the whole of his career, displaying a dynamism no other Rams wide receiver has been able to manage.

Bradford has been heavily relied-upon early, with Steven Jackson struggling mightily; Jackson has just 17 yards on 10 rushes, for a long of four. Bradford is 9-for-13 with 103 passing yards and one touchdown. He’s gone to seven receivers on those eight attempts, with only Alexander and Laurent Robinson picking up two receptions. Danny Amendola has just one reception for two yards but has been used to play on the Broncos’ overt aggression toward Steven Jackson; he has two rushes for 43 yards.