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St. Louis Rams Vs. Denver Broncos Halftime: Rams Look Tough In 26-13 First Half

The St. Louis Rams looked as good as they have all season and the Denver Broncos struggled after a hot start; at halftime, the Rams lead the Broncos 26-13. Sam Bradford has led the way; he’s 15-for-23 with 216 yards and three touchdowns, all to tight ends. Danario Alexander’s reappearance has been crucial, but Michael Hoomanawanui left the game after scoring his third touchdown of the season.

The Broncos were keyed on Steven Jackson from the beginning, and they’ve stuffed him almost completely; he has 14 carries for 20 yards and was stopped twice at the goal line. But they’ve been unable to adjust to a surprisingly agile Rams offense, which has responded to Jackson’s invisibility with a brand-new deep passing game and even some Danny Amendola end-arounds. Bradford’s 9.39 yards per attempt would be a career-high by a wide margin.

Alexander has played in three games as a Ram and he’s been their dominant force at wide receiver in two of them, which shows just how important it is that his knee hold up this season. He’s got three receptions for 71 yards today, after picking up four for 72 and a touchdown in his debut.

Kyle Orton looked tough early, but he’s struggled since; he’s 9-for-18 with 112 yards passing. Knowshon Moreno has eight carries for 47 yards and a touchdown.