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Kyle Orton Puts Denver Broncos In Comeback Position, St. Louis Rams Reeling

The St. Louis Rams defense is reeling following a series of long passes from Kyle Orton, who converted a fourth down in the process of throwing his second touchdown pass in three minutes, putting the Denver Broncos within a field goal of tying the St. Louis Rams, who led 33-13 at halftime. The score is now 36-33.

Kyle Orton now has 347 passing yards and three touchdowns, having hit five receivers for plays of at least 24 yards. Eddie Royal and Brandon Lloyd are the most recent benefactors, collecting touchdown passes of 16 and five yards. The Rams have just one field goal in the fourth quarter, after scoring four times in the second and picking up a touchdown in the third.

The Rams have 2:35 to burn in the game after a failed onside kick. No strangers to fourth quarter collapses, they’ll hope this game doesn’t turn out like previous heartbreaking losses in a 4-6 season that could have been much more than that.