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NFL Scores: St. Louis Rams Take First In NFC West With Seattle Seahawks Loss

The Seattle Seahawks were clobbered by the high-scoring Kansas City Chiefs, and the St. Louis Rams took a narrow victory over the Denver Broncos, leading the Rams to the top of a virtual tie in the embattled NFC West. It’s the Rams’ second stint atop the division, but their first time there under .500.

The Seahawks couldn’t withstand a Chiefs attack that got Dwayne Bowe three touchdowns and saw Jamaal Charles rush for 173 yards. Close most of the afternoon, the Chiefs broke away with 21 points in the fourth quarter to make it 42-24.

The St. Louis Rams were up as much as 20 points over the Denver Broncos, but they’ll be happy to leave Colorado with a 36-33 victory. Sam Bradford had a career performance, topping 300 yards for the first time in his career and throwing three touchdowns without an interception.

The Arizona Cardinals and the San Francisco 49ers will play at 7:10 tonight to determine who’ll be alone in third place in the West.