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New Big Ten Logo Major Disappointment For Hidden-Numeral Fans

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Once I made the decision to go to Mizzou for undergrad I wasn't able to spread this opinion very far, but I'll admit it: I loved the old Big Ten Conference logo. The hidden 11 is up there with the FedEx arrow in defining graphic design moments of my young life. Which is why it's a little disappointing that the new Big Ten logo is... hideous




Yeah: They went there, and yeah, it's just l33tspeak. The B1G 73N, everybody! This means that in the future teams will be required to give press conferences in World of Warcraft, which should be a boon for especially combative reporters like Jay Mariotti, and also people who've always wanted to decapitate Jay Mariotti. Experience points will become much more important than experience.


The logo goes atop two divisions called the "Legends" and "Leaders", which sound like World of Warcraft expansion packs. I have no idea what the "leaders" moniker is supposed to mean for all the teams that don't end up leading the division or conference in a given year, but then, I'm not busy ruining a sports conference's public image, so what do I know?