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New York Post: After My Own Mike Vick Dog Gag Heart

I apologize: Eventually the Great Mike Vick Dogfighting Tongue-Slip-Fest Of 2010 will not be as hilarious to me as it is now. And as a former journalism student I find the fact that this is an ostensibly real newspaper delivering 4chan-level Photoshops on the subject a little icky. But if you imagine Norm MacDonald making an O.J. Simpson joke in front of the New York Post's Monday front page, you'll get exactly the same feeling that makes me laugh every time someone brings up the dogfighting, intentionally or unintentionally. From the mothership: The paper of record's in-depth coverage of Michael Vick's tragic downfall and complex return.




It's been literally a calendar year since making these jokes was at all clever or daring—so long that, as with MacDonald's constant Simpson and David Hasselhoff references, it somehow got daring again, although I give the Post exponentially less credit for being clever. (What's next? Maybe the Times will run Rageguy comics next to Paul Krugman's columns on austerity proposals.)


My only hope is that Mike Vick isn't later convicted of dressing enormous, bipedal toy dogs up in New York Giants jerseys and forcing them to help him scrimmage for fun and profit. At that point this cover would become a little too on the nose. (Post headline: POST COVER ON THE NOSE. THE DOG NOSE!!)