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Sam Bradford NFL Offensive Rookie Of The Month In November, Too

St. Louis Rams quarterback Sam Bradford was named the NFL's Offensive Rookie of the Month for the second consecutive month Thursday, following a dramatic road win over the Denver Broncos that saw him pass for a career-high 308 yards and three touchdowns. Bradford was rookie of the month in October after throwing for 1019 yards and seven touchdowns in the Rams' 3-2 month. 

November saw Bradford's best numbers yet. Criticized for the Rams' conservative, low-yardage passing attack for most of the season, he averaged a season-high 6.55 yards per attempt in November while boosting his completion percentage past 65. Throwing just one interception in 121 passing attempts, Bradford's passer rating, at 96.8, was the Rams' highest monthly mark since Marc Bulger's 100.2 in November of 2007. 

Bradford is the first quarterback ever to win Offensive Rookie of the Month twice in a row. He's on pace to challenge rookie records set by one Peyton Manning. In St. Louis, fans have begun naming their children after him, although a more intense sect of Bradfordites insists that that's blasphemy.