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More 2005 Alumni: Cardinals Sign Jeff Suppan

According to the Post-Dispatch the Cardinals have signed Jeff Suppan, whose tenure with the Brewers ended after his $42.5 million contract produced 29 wins in four years and a 5.08 ERA. At Viva El Birdos the mood is frustration as the club's collection of ex-Cardinals gets one starter larger:

The Cardinals' remaining options at Fifth Starter are probably not all that much better than Jeff Suppan. Evan MacLane, like Suppan, would not be able to show off the same walk restraint if he were pitching to major leaguers; P.J. Walters was just crushed by the DodgersLance Lynn is, like Tyler Greene but unlike Jon Jay, gaining something from being left alone to pitch every fifth start in Memphis. The Cardinals' depth is already deployed, and there's no way around that. 

But Suppan isn't an adequate response to this team's pitching problems, he's just a familiar one. And that's frustrating. He won't be any worse than P.J. Walters would have been, but he's a bad bet to be any better, and he's had more opportunities to prove it.

Suppan joined the team in Arizona on Friday.