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Turf Show Times: "For Some Players Injuries Seem to Come Naturally"

On Turf Show Times, a summary of Setterstrom’s sad story:

It’s a damn shame. Setterstrom is a good player, who probably could be a starter. The seventh round pick from 2006 earned his first starting gig his rookie season, playing admirably filling in for other injured starters in the last season the Rams offense was able to accumulate yards and points. In 2007, he landed the starting left guard job during camp, only to have a knee injury end his season after three games. He got work last year in nine games, starting three late in the year.

Removing the tragedy of Setterstrom’s story, it’s not the worst loss the Rams could suffer. They have some depth at guard with John Greco (who has to prove himself this year) and Adam Goldberg (better at OG than OT, but might be needed at OT), and with Hank Fraley on board now they have a backup center with lots of starting experience. It’s fair to wonder about Setterstrom’s effectiveness after an injury history like that.