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Welcome to SB Nation St. Louis

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So—if you're looking at this blog entry without any guilty feelings it means that SB Nation St. Louis, the newest and most Arch-centric of SB Nation's new regional hubs, has finally launched. My name's Dan Moore; I'll be your editor, blogger, writer, and collator. 


SB Nation St. Louis is a website about being The Best Fans in [Sports], just-kidding-but-seriously, and worrying about it when your representatives in Busch Stadium are doing the wave. More directly it's about showcasing the great content at Viva El BirdosTurf Show Times, and St. Louis Game Time to a wider audience while introducing our own breaking news and features to appeal to St. Louis sports fans of all stripes and temperaments. 


If you're not familiar with SB Nation, a brief tour is in order. The thing you're looking at right now is The Sports of St. Louis, a blog dedicated to finding and talking about the best sports-related content on the internet. Cycling across the top of the site are our feature articles and the StoryStreams, which allow you to follow our coverage on a topic—Jeff Suppan, for instance—from beginning to end, as though we were some kind of terrifying Jeff Suppan blog. 


But all of our content, no matter how it's packaged, is here to further the conversation. So sign up, take a look around, and let us know what you think, whether it's about the StoryStreams or the Rams' offensive line.