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Albert Pujols Lounging

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Dove's new ad campaign involves being comfortable in your own skin. Luckily for us, it also involves being congfortable in your own sking. Their first star athlete is Albert Pujols, and it's a fun little video—Albert talking about moving to the states, his first car, meeting his wife, and having kids, not to mention some great early footage of his amateur career. 

There's also a behind the scenes video, which features him playing Xbox ("this is what I have to do when my son is not around—he thinks he is the best, but I'm the best."), reiterating that he doesn't like to be called El Hombre, et cetera. After the jump, an image of Albert Pujols lounging with a camera in his face. He looks justifiably uncomfortable, but the end result of Dove's camerawork is worth a look.