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The JoeSportsFan Show: A Weekly St. Louis Sports Video Jamboree

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Among the obscure, yet necessary St. Louis sports references from Episode 10: Tony La Russa, Taylor Twellman, Stubby Clapp, Bo Hart, Placido Polanco, Dave McKay and Jeff Suppan.

Episode 10 of the JoeSportsFan Show: The One with Rex Hudler
Episode 10 of the JoeSportsFan Show: The One with Rex Hudler

Welcome to Episode 10 of the JoeSportsFan Show, a weekly digital jamboree centered around St. Louis sports.

If you're new to the show, welcome aboard the ship and allow us to fill you in with the important details.

What it is *not*:

  • A rehash of box scores and game recaps
  • Filmed from Mom's basement

What it is:

  • Hosted by Matt Sebek and Josh Bacott from
  • 10-minute recap of our favorite stories from the week in St. Louis sports
  • Released every Wednesday on SBN St. Louis and
  • Available (for free) via iTunes.

This particular episode is dedicated to Rex Hudler, a member of the Cardinals from '90 - '92 and a real pioneer in St. Louis' love affair with scrappy white players that also have funny names. 


Episode 10 Hyperlink Feeding Frenzy...

The Post-Dispatch's Dan Caesar is REALLY excited about the latest St. Louis radio news. (link)
Even the St. Louis homeless aren't fond of the Jeff Suppan signing. (link)
Phillies fan arrested for intentionally puking on girl. (link)
Cardinals first base coach Dave McKay's superfan. (link)
Placido Polanco's head is rather large. (link)
Former SLUH star, Taylor Twellman, in a terrible Sports Authority commercial. (link) Tweet of the Week: @OneRamsWay (link)
Ramon Caraballo's page. (link)

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