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Dennys Reyes's Incredible June

Lost in the Cardinals' inability to hit Jason Vargas—click the name, I assure you he's a real pitcher—was another characteristic outing from Dennys Reyes, the Cardinals' lefty-one-single-guy. Brought in to face Ichiro, he allowed one hit, recorded no outs, and exited without allowing a run—0.0 innings pitched, one hit, no runs. 


Ichiro is the king of batting average, the preeminent slap-hitter of our age, but in June Reyes has him beat; this month batters have hit .833 against him—10-12, with three doubles, a walk, and, amazingly, two strikeouts. (Opposing hitters' BABIP remains 1.000, which regress a little, I'd imagine.) Reyes's June is the ultimate example of the gap between a lefty specialist's playing time and his innings pitched total; it's taken him five games to record those 0.2 innings pitched. 


Backup lefty specialist is not a pressing concern, and over the course of his career Reyes has been a fine one, so the Cardinals can afford to wait this funk out. But I'm not sure why, in the midst of such a funk—so close to throwing the long-awaited All-Hitter—Tony La Russa is throwing him out there as often as he does Trever Miller.