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Matt Holliday In Oakland, Matt Holliday Vs. Oakland

As an Athletic, Matt Holliday hit .286 with 11 home runs in 93 games, which earned him a lot of worried whispering about how much his career to that point had been influenced by Coors Field. He was traded to the Cardinals, where for the rest of 2009 those fears were dispelled, usually once a night.


This time, the worry being that the Cardinals had overspent for their second banana, the Athletics helped do the dispelling. Holliday went 8-12, .667, with four home runs in three games, sending the home run and games played differentials to +7 and +90, respectively.


If you’re interested in checking out the Cardinals’ July 6-8 set with the Rockies, the home run and games played differentials are currently +128 and +693. If he manages to cut that home run differential down by 36% again, it should be a fun series to watch.