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Episode 11 Of The JoeSportsFan Show: The One With José Oquendo

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The JoeSportsFan Show is back in action, paying proper homage to their favorite stories in St. Louis sports and episode's namesake, José Oquendo.

Episode 11 of the JoeSportsFan Show
Episode 11 of the JoeSportsFan Show

A Cardinals fan makes it to "America's Got Talent", a dizzying array of fans wearing customized #1 jerseys and plenty of obscure, yet necessary, St. Louis sports references from Episode 11 of The JoeSportsFan Show, including:

Jose Oquendo (our episode namesake), Mark Mulder, Khalil Greene, Jesus, That One Guy, Matt Holliday, That's a Winner, Heck of a Year and Beckett Magazine.  And if you're wondering why Dennys Reyes is wearing a matador outfit below...well, you'll just have to watch and find out.

Episode 11 Hyperlink Feeding Frenzy

Albert Pujols is "comfortable in his own skin". (link)
Mark Mulder says, "I guess I'm retired." (link)
A girl touching Mark Mulder's "ass." (link)
Cardinals fan on "America's Got Talent. (link) Tweet of the Week: @MattHolliday7 (link)

Episode 11 Song Credits:
"Get What You Give" by The New Radicals
"Everything's Magic" by Angels and Airwaves

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