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Fan Confidence Polls Week One: Blues Pull Off Upset Victory

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Our new Fan Confidence Polls, taking place at each of our three team blogs, have taken their first incredibly precise measurements, and in something of a surprise the leaders in the clubhouse after week one are the hockey fans at St. Louis Game Time, awash, perhaps, in the afterglow of the Blues' trade for playoff hero Jaroslav Halak. Their confidence registered at 65 out of 100. 


Next up are the Cardinals fans at Viva El Birdos, who may still be a little gun-shy over Matt Holliday's newfound ability to hit with runners in scoring position, not to mention the team's newly porous rotation. If the Cardinals continue to win two out of three with such startling regularity they should improve on a 53 out of 100. 


Last, predictably, are the thrice bitten, eight-or-nine times shy Rams fans at Turf Show Times, who registered their confidence in the Rams at 42 of 100. A hard-fought extension for O.J. Atogwe might provide a bounce for fan confidence next week.