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MLB Draft: Cardinals Take 3B Zack Cox with First Pick

With the 25th pick in the first round of the 2010 draft the Cardinals took third baseman Zack Cox, a left-handed hitter from Arkansas. According to the red baron of Viva El Birdos Cox is a pure hitter with less than perfect tools:

Cox doesn't have light-tower power, even though he's certainly big enough to suggest the ability to hit the ball a long way.

What Cox does have, though, is pure hitting ability that should get him drafted plenty early. His stroke is solid, with good bat speed, and he uses all fields. I've seen his swing referred to as short, but I would quibble with that. There's a bit of armsiness there. He's polished and understands the strike zone, and doesn't get himself out very often.

The Cardinals have experience with this kind of player—in 2008 they spent their first pick on a stocky, line drive-hitting third baseman named Brett Wallace.