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Cardinals Prepare for 2010 Draft

The first round of the MLB draft, which will be broadcast on MLB Network, begins tonight at 6 PM. The Cardinals have first round picks number 25, 46, and 50. Mock drafts at places like Future Redbirds have offered a number of different and enticing suggestions, from would-be Stanford-bound five tool outfielder Austin Wilson to prep fireballer and Blake Hawksworth Awesome Name Award-winner Stetson Allie. 

This year the Cardinals appear ready to pounce on any players perceived as signability risks, which is how they ended up with top prospect Shelby Miller last year. A list of the Cardinals' first picks over the last decade:


  • 2009: Shelby Miller, 19th
  • 2008: Brett Wallace, 13th
  • 2007: Pete Kozma, 18th
  • 2006: Adam Ottavino, 30th
  • 2005: Colby Rasmus, 28th
  • 2004: Chris Lambert, 19th
  • 2003: Daric Barton, 28th
  • 2002: Cal Hayes, 102nd
  • 2001: Justin Pope, 28th
  • 2000: Shaun Boyd, 13th