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Matt Holliday Gets Ready For Home Run Derby

Cardinals left fielder Matt Holliday will join Milwaukee Brewer Corey Hart and six other players in tonight's Home Run Derby, set to take place tonight at 7 PM on ESPN. It's Holliday's second performance in the Derby; in 2007 he tied Albert Pujols for third in the contest and went on to hit 21 home runs after the All-Star Break. 

That third place finish is the Cardinals' highest showing in a Home Run Derby since 2003, when Albert Pujols finished second to Garret Anderson but hit the most total home runs of any contestant, something Mark McGwire also managed in his famous 1999 exhibition at Fenway Park. The Cardinals have never had a winner; past Cardinals contestants include Jack Clark (1985), Ray Lankford (1997), Mark McGwire (1998-1999), Jim Edmonds (2003), and Albert Pujols (2003, 2007, 2009.)

At 0-13, the Cardinals' streak of non-winners is the longest in baseball.