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The JoeSportsFan Show: Episode 12 Is Live

If you're not watching the JoeSportsFan Show yet—episode 12 is now live—here's what you're missing: Adam Oates, Softball Hooligans, Kareem Rush, Kent Bottenfield, Dan Caesar, Dan Quisenberry, The Riverfront Times, SkyMall Magazine and "That's a Winner", the Cardinals' 1987 season-in-review video, not to mention some auteur-level editing and, so far as I can tell, the only entirely St. Louis Sports-centric webisode to ever name itself after Tom Lawless. 

After the jump—and at the video, for that matter—the full show-notes.

Episode 12 Running Time: 10:54

Episode 12 Hyperlink Feeding Frenzy:

This month's American Way cover story is about Albert Pujols and was written by Derrick Goold. (link)
The tree planted in Dan Quisenberry's Memory was mowed down by mistake. (link
Former Mizzou great Kareem Rush has moved on to a career in music. (link
Bryan Burwell says, "The Musial Statue Must Go". (link
Kent Bottenfield; music legend. (link's Tweet of the Week @DGoold (link)

Episode 12 Song Credits:

"Get What You Give" by The New Radicals 
"Everything’s Magic" by Angels and Airwaves

About The JoeSportsFan Show:

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