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John Mozeliak Talks Twitter

If you take this moment to follow the official St. Louis Cardinals Twitter, @MLBSTLCardinals, you'll notice a crowdsourced and otherwise Twitter-buzzworded interview with Cardinals GM John Mozeliak appearing on your Twitter homepage. So far his answers have been frustratingly general, as you might expect in 140 character responses—to a question about unsigned draft pick Austin Wilson he responded with "We have begun negotiations w/ most of the 2010 draft class as we work toward that 8/16 deadline" (95 characters.)


But the GM talking is the GM talking—another chance for a little Busch Stadium kremlinology. And he hasn't ducked the more accusatory questions, like why the Cardinals called up Evan MacLane instead of Fernando Salas to allow the walkup home run that capped the Worst Game Ever. ("We were looking 4 someone to eat inngs & Maclane had been starting for Memphis" (78 characters—AP Twitter style says you spell out that four unless you can't, Mo.)