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Rams Ratings Released For Madden 11; I Hope 66 Works For You

The Rams' Madden 11 ratings have been released, and the results are not particularly exciting for those among us who refuse to create themselves as a game-breaking running quarterback: a 66 overall, worst in football. Steven Jackson tops the list with a 95, while Sam Bradford begins his career at 80. 


The truly disastrous ratings are at wide receiver, as you might expect; Donnie Avery tops the list at 75—including a 96 SPD but just a 78 CAT and 64 TGH—and the Rams' second, third, and fourth receivers tip the scales at 71 (Brandon Gibson), 70 (Mardy Gilyard), and 70 (Laurent Robinson.) If you plan on easing Bradford into the starting spot slowly, like the real Rams, be prepared to deal with A.J. Feeley (66) and Keith Null (60.)


I'm telling you, though—Dan Moore, with his 99 SPD and Tecmo Bowlian juking ability, is going to be a real help to this team.