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Top Five: 1980s Cardinals Baseball Cards

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There are baseball cards, and then there are 1980's Cardinals baseball cards.

If you're reading this on a Friday at work, I apologize, because I am likely sitting in an inner tube on a lake in Southern Indiana, drinking a Schlafly Summer Ale, not caring about the world. But since you're apparently still at work, let's get entertaining and look at my favorite baseball cards from the 1980's.

1985 Topps Vince Coleman:


Yeah, you're fast, Vince... but can you outrun a tarp? Regardless, you should be Dan Mclaughlin's color man. You're hilarious.


1987 Tommy Herr


Weird helmet? Check! Batting practice jersey? Check! Perk? Check.

1987 in a nutshell? Check!


1983 Joaquin Andujar


"Look, son, if you hit this baseball, I'm going to shoveitupyourfuckingass. Youneverknow."

What a badass.


1979 Ozzie Smith


No, he wasn't a Cardinal yet, but like I'd leave those sideburns off the list. They're magic!


1986 Willie McGee


When someone says "The 1980s" the first thing that pops into my head is this baseball card.

Maybe it says something for that decade's awkwardness. Maybe it says something for that decade's coke use. But I think of this and I wouldn't have it any other way.

Happy 4th of July, Saint Louis.

[Editor's note: I, too, am sad to see he left this 1989/1990 Ray Lankford off the list.]