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Kyle Lohse Looks Toward Rehab Stint

At the mothership, euphoniously named beat writers Matthew Leach and Michael Bleach suggest injured starter Kyle Lohse may start a rehab assignment within two weeks.

“If I’m facing hitters on Wednesday, if that goes well, then the next step is to try to look at when I could get a rehab start in,” Lohse said. “That’s down the road. I’ve still got to make it through the next couple days.”

Lohse’s first throw was Saturday. After only one day off, he took the mound again on Monday, and was thrilled with the results. He once again threw approximately 50 pitches in the bullpen at Busch Stadium, reporting delight with the movement on both his fastball and his offspeed offerings.

On the return timetable Lohse appears to have moved well ahead of Brad Penny, who hasn’t pitched since a late-May grand slam took him out of action for what was expected to be just two weeks.