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Globe-Democrat Sports Staff Walks Out

As a diehard newspaper reader—it is my secret shame as a New Media gadfly—I was excited to see the Globe-Democrat relaunch, even as an online-only venture, and was pleased to watch as it delivered a number of interesting stories on its sport page; my personal favorite was this piece about the inside baseball behind walk-up music. 


But a weird story broke on Twitter last night—Rob Rains, the site's sports editor, announced the staff was walking out "to pursue other opportunities." Writing after the story broke, he clarified that the site "remains in business. The sports staff decided to move in a different direction. Our decision is not a reflection on the Globe."


B.J. Rains, Rob's son and a former Globe-Democrat writer, said on his own Twitter that "they gave the GD more than a month to fix some concerns they had and nothing was resolved. They have another deal in the works."