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Jim Bowden On Oswalt Trade Talks: [Miller] The Centerpiece, Deal Not Imminent

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Far be it from me to impugn former Reds GM Jim Bowden when I have no sources myself, but since this is not about toolsy outfielders or leather pants and he gets the name of the Cardinals’ top prospect wrong I am a little skeptical. Nevertheless, he tweets, recently:

Shelby Morris is being offered as the center piece in a trade proposal by STL for Oswalt but deal is not imminent..still negotiating

As previously reported by,Fox Sports and ESPN…Cards in serious discussions with Hou re: Oswalt and won’t have to pick up option

The 2012 option is the real sticking point in any Roy Oswalt trade, but the Cardinals’ payroll is especially inflexible, as 2012 is the year where they’ll have to begin paying Albert Pujols more than any other player in baseball—not to mention Chris Carpenter and Matt Holliday, who will also be paid more than $15 million that year. Not having to pay it might be enough to push this trade through, for better or worse.