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Independence Days And Pretend Statistics

Yesterday Adam Wainwright drove in three runs and allowed one, severing the connection between his win and his teammates' ability to hit—which would seem like good advice, of late. The three RBIs brought his career total to 21, and brought him within two of his career high, six. 


Three RBIs in nine innings bring his career RBI Run Average to 0.24, which is not quite enough to offset his career ERA of 3.04. But it is one thing he can hold over Chris Carpenter's head—since moving to the National League and hitting for himself, Carpenter has a career RBIRA of 0.12, even after last year's grand slam. 


The Cardinals' recent leader in this pretend stat, as best as I can tell, is none other than Rick Ankiel, who in 2000 hit .250/.292/.382 with nine RBI over 175 innings of pitching, giving him a RBIRA of 0.51, to go with an ERA of 3.50 and a EMTCA (Editors Made To Cry Average) of 1.00. (Babe Ruth-the-pitcher, in case you were wondering, also had an RBI RA of 0.51.) 


Honorable mentions include Jason Marquis, who drove in nine runs in more innings in 2004; Donovan Osborne, whose 10 in 1996 leads all Cardinals pitchers; and Bryn Smith, who drove in seven in 141 innings in 1990.