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St. Louis Cardinals Sign Tyrell Jenkins, Supplemental Pick

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KLTV is reporting that local high school pitcher Tyrell Jenkins, the Cardinals' third pick in the 2010 draft, has signed with the team and will begin his professional career this season at rookie-level Johnson City. 

Jenkins will be headed to St. Louis later this week to sign a professional contract with the Cardinals.

Jenkins will forego a chance to play football at Baylor, for a shot to play pro ball.

"I know that I will miss out on college, but me and my mom talked it over, and financially it was right, and this is the best choice for me."

In June Jenkins was chosen 50th in the MLB draft—the last pick of the first day of activity. The Cardinals were awarded the pick as compensation for losing Joel PIneiro to free agency. A two-sport star in high school, rumors of his imminent signing escalated after he turned down a football scholarship to Baylor earlier in the week.