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St. Louis Cardinals Acquire Third Baseman Pedro Feliz For Minor League Reliever

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The Cardinals today acquired terrible Houston Astros third baseman Pedro Feliz in exchange for minor league reliever David Carpenter.

Feliz, who is terrible, was hitting .221 with four home runs and nine walks for the Astros. Best known for his agile defense, he’s been worth -3 runs according to Fangraphs’s UZR defensive statistic. At 2.1 wins below a replacement player, he’s Baseball-Reference’s pick for the very worst player in baseball in 2010.

Going to the Astros in the deal is David Carpenter, who is the kind of prospect who gets traded for Pedro Feliz. A 24 year-old converted catcher, he’s got a 2.35 ERA in high-A Palm Beach, where he’s struck out 50 batters in 53 innings.