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Sam Bradford Could Start Thursday... Due To Injury

Okay, so it's only because A.J. Feeley is hurt; and okay, it's coming the week after A.J. Feeley had an excellent outing while Sam Bradford struggled to do anything at all; and okay, it's the preseason. But tell me you aren't at least a little excited to learn that Bradford might start if Feeley isn't ready for the Rams' third preseason game this week. 


It's strictly technical and, relative to an actual move into the startlng lineup, incredibly boring. But that also applies to the preseason itself, so if nothing else it's fitting. And as Turf Show Times notes, maybe that extra time with the first team will be what it takes to get Steve Spagnuolo to admit to himself and potential Edward Jones Dome visitors that Bradford is as ready now as he'll ever be to play for a rebuilding team with a bad offensive line.