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St. Louis Game Time Interviews... Paul Karpowich

Interviewing big names is exciting, but it's not always very edifying; Ozzie Smith once agreed to talk to Viva El Birdos, but only on the (admirable) condition that we asked a lot of questions about prostate cancer. Now, more than ever, we follow the big names so closely without their help that any additional questions seem almost superfluous; what interesting thing could you possibly ask LeBron James that hasn't already been turned into an ESPN Outside The Lines special? 


For that reason St. Louis Game Time's informal interview with Blues goalie prospect Paul Karpowich, a seventh rounder from 2008 who's still most focused on his play with the Clarkson University Golden Knights is kind of refreshing. Karpowich is unguarded enough to talk about his future plans (he'd like to get his degree before going pro), casual enough to spend much of it talking about fishing, and gracious enough to list Jaroslav Halak, who just pushed him further back on the Blues' depth chart, as his favorite active goaltender.