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One Owner Down, One To Go

So Stan Kroenke now officially owns the St. Louis Rams, which means they'll at least stick around until they get the chance to bolt from the inexplicably maligned Edward Jones Dome, which is kind of boring but not exactly a nightmare of Tropicanian proportions. Bill DeWitt still appears to own the Cardinals, though if people had kept calling him DeWallet he might have spite-sold it.


And it's not St. Louis if there's no brewing ownership controversy threatening the security of one of its franchises. Which means it's time for the St. Louis Blues to struggle to find a replacement for their private-equity partners. TowerBrook Capital, who's been on its way out for months now, holds "as much as a 75 percent stake" in the team.


Considering the continued weakness of the economy and the NHL, Dave Checketts and company probably can think of a few better times for something like this to have happened. They might have known that private-equity doesn't look toward the longview on any investment, but they couldn't have imagined just what the global economy would look like four years from when they signed the agreement.