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TST Debates St. Louis Rams, Vincent Jackson

Over at Turf Show Times they're not taking Donnie Avery's season-ending knee injury lying down, like Donnie Avery probably is—they've already begun voting on the suitability of the disgruntled San Diego Charger Vincent Jackson as a replacement. 155 votes in, 61% of TST-ers would feel good about him—for a third rounder or less, which is quite a caveat.


This is always the question when trading for veterans, but it's especially true with Sam Bradford in his first season—whatever the Rams do, they have to make sure it doesn't buy an extra win in this mostly irrelevant season at the expense of an important part of the offense that Sam Bradford will hopefully man for the next ten years. Having Vincent Jackson this year might make Bradford's rookie life a lot easier, but Jackson himself was a late second-round pick; I'd rather have the next Vincent Jackson develop with Bradford, instead of the current one.