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St. Louis Rams Training Camp: LT Starter In Doubt? Rodger Saffold Plays Ahead Of Jason Smith

Jason Smith, last year’s second overall pick, might be losing playing time at left tackle to 2010 second rounder Rodger Saffold, according to a report at Smith has been limited by a stress fracture in his toe while Saffold takes additional reps at the position.

Turf Show Times isn’t quite so convinced. Ryan Van Bibber writes:

This report makes it sound as though Rodger Saffold has leapfrogged Jason Smith for the LT spot. I think that’s a bit of a leap itself. Smith’s recovering from a broken toe and has dealt with three notable injuries through his first season and second preseason in the league now. The Rams want to make sure they have an acceptable sub on the left side should Smith be out of action. Maybe. Maybe I’m just giving too much benefit of the doubt to Smith.

Whatever happens, this should be one of the more intriguing battles in training camp.