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Aaron Miles, Percentage Player

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For a long time the story about guys like Aaron Miles was that what they did right didn't show up in box scores. You know what shows up in box scores? Errors. I don't pay much attention to errors; they correlate really badly with defensive effectiveness, as a rule, and penalize players who range to a lot of difficult plays.


Aaron Miles is not that guy, however, and Aaron Miles fans and fielding percentage fans correlate at something like 1.00. So I'd like to note that after tonight's error, Aaron Miles's fielding percentage at third base is .667.


He doesn't do the little things well. He doesn't do the big things well. He doesn't do the things that show up in box scores and he's actively bad at the things that don't show up in box scores. He's Aaron Miles, and the Cardinals are making themselves worse every time he appears on a baseball field.