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St. Louis Rams Training Camp: Leonard Little Still A Notable No-Show

Turf Show Times notes that one player who hasn’t appeared in the Rams’ training camp to date—or on their roster, for that matter—is longtime defensive anchor Leonard Little.

But there’s one name missing from the mix: Leonard Little. One of the biggest concerns for a Rams defense that has the possibility to be a solid, but not impenetrable wall, is the lack of a consistent four-pronged pass rush from the front four. Yes, Chris Long looks to have emerged, but will he be as effective without more effective parts in the middle and on the other end? The balance on defense is delicate, or seems to be on paper, and a poor pass rush could be the thing that breaks it wide open. So where’s Leonard Little?

Little’s physical location is irrelevant, because it’s not at Rams Park. As of last week, the Rams had not “ruled him out.” That’s not the strongest endorsement.

At 35 Little is one of the last links to the Greatest Show On Turf, but he’s also a player whose utility and effectiveness is limited. But with the Rams covered in question marks on offense and defense, it’s odd to see him anywhere but on the sidelines.