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St. Louis Rams Lindenwood Scrimmage Reaction

The Rams took a brief time-out from Training Camp proper last night to scrimmage at Lindenwood University in St. Charles, and the football-starved Rams internet lit up with discussion of an event that moves the chains one step closer to something that resembles the sport itself.


@RamsHerd was updating live all night, and made several interesting observations, including "So far, Bradford's two best practices have come in front of the two biggest crowds. Not too early to say he's a big game performer?" I'd like to believe so, but I'm pretty sure that he'll be a "big-game performer" or "big-game choker" only when it fits the prevailing sportswriter narrative. 


Regardless, Sam Bradford was the story of the night, both for good reasons and necessary ones—I mean, was Keith Null going to be the story of the night? It's a little like judging a child's beauty by his parents' recollections and wallet photos, but the Rams' official website's liveblog went so far as "gorgeous" to describe Bradford's work.