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Vincent Jackson And The St. Louis Rams: The Post-Dispatch Continues To Beat The Drum

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Earlier this week the Vincent Jackson story was brought back to life locally when the P-D saw fit to have a largely inconclusive roundtable discussion about it. Today Bryan Burwell is on the case, on the occasion of Jackson's suspension being reduced to four games if he's traded by next Wednesday. 


Given Sam Bradford's effectiveness in 2010—and the way he relentlessly and successfully targeted Mark Clayton, his only established receiver—Jackson is an extremely tempting piece. But the Minnesota Vikings and the Washington Redskins appear to be well ahead of the Rams on this one, and given the shady circumstances by which Jackson has made himself into the most tradable commodity in the NFL I won't feel so terrible if one of those teams wins out.


Nobody's perfect in the NFL—not even Peyton Manning—but some players are harder to root for than others.