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Rams Will Announce Starting Quarterback By Monday

It certainly looked like rookie quarterback Sam Bradford earned the St. Louis Rams starting quarterback job in his performance against the Baltimore Ravens Thursday night, but the Rams are holding off on any sort of formal announcement – for now.

Coach Steve Spagnuolo said Friday that he’d make a decision in the next two or three days.

“Right now, there won’t be any in-depth starting 22 announcements until we get through these final evaluations,” Spagnuolo said. “I realize the quarterback position is high profile, I respect that.”

Bradford, who completed all six of his passes in the preseason finale, is taking it all in stride and will just keep doing what he’s doing until he hears one way or the other.

“If he says that, then I’ll handle it like I know I can,” Bradford said. “But until then, I’m just going to show up, do what I can and hopefully one day I will be the starter of this team.”

In Bradford’s two preseason starts, he completed 21 of his 28 passing attempts for 257 yards, three touchdowns and no interceptions.